At IPF INTERNATIONAL, we strive to make education accessible to as many as possible. We take care of the details so that our students can focus on what matters most: learning.

IPF INTERNATIONAL is located in Malaga, South of Spain, a culture hub and birth city of many influential artists such as Picasso, Antonio Banderas, writer and philosopher Maria Zambrano, and many more. All of the great souls that felt inspired in Malaga saw in this city more than what the visitor eye feasts on.  We see it too!

Working with European projects for more than 20 years, our experience extends beyond education, and we are glad to share it with you!



Miguel Ángel Postigo Ponce
Miguel Ángel Postigo Ponce


He founded IPF International more than 40 years ago. A well-known pioneering entrepreneur in Málaga, Miguel Ángel worked hard to make the company grow and become one of best.
Miguel Ángel Postigo Rodriguez
Miguel Ángel Postigo Rodriguez


Miguel Ángel is the director of IPF International and is closely involved in all European projects while specialising in the management and administration of IPF International.
Carina Lago
Carina Lago

Project Manager & International Relations Coordinator

Born and raised in London, Carina graduated in IT and communications.  She has become one of our most valued members.
Alberto Postigo
Alberto Postigo


Alberto graduated law school and is a professor at the University of Málaga for more than 7 years now. 



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