Escalade is one of the new projects we’re working on, one of the most recent. With the cooperation of countries such as Greece, Poland, Latvia and Italy we are working to create new opportunities aimed at adults. The main idea of ​​the project is to create training courses of a technical nature intended primarily for adults aged 50 to 55 who are unemployed at this time.

However, it is not intended solely for the unemployed, as decided in our first international meeting its also offered for those adults who need to improve their capabilities and skills for the labor market and the achievement of new job opportunities .

Italy as country coordinator and creator of the project has been aware of the urgent need for opportunities for adults who are between ages and this is why we believe the project is the most convenient for them.

Escalade face only works for the provision of training courses which will be different depending on the workplace you want to achieve. A total of nine courses of different topics, adding one special and common dedicated to the counseling of workers as from within all participating companies know the difficulties that sometimes involves reinsercción to work, the psychological difficulties that may cause for this generation.

It is one of the most ambitious projects in which we are working and we are confident that over the three years the project will reach its greatest success, because work is not a whim but should be a right.