IPF INTERNATIONAL hosted a reunion on the 27th of February 2018, in Granada with the 11 participants to start of the piloting stage of the Developing EU Online Project.
The students were given their login details and they were guided step by step through the programs. The 7 programs were split between the adult learners.
These are the seven programs to be piloted:
. Program 1 – Live Online
. Program 2 – Learn Languages Online
. Program 3 – Career Skills Advice
. Program 4 – Entrepreneurship
. Program 5 – IT Skills
. Program 6 – Communication and Self-improvement
. Program 7 – Sustainable Life
Here it was agreed that each programme would be piloted for 1 week
At the end of the piloting stage the students have to fill in a survey to leave feedback on the pros and cons of the courses online. This will help us better the adult courses for future participants.
Looking forward to our next reunion in Málaga where the students will be handed out their certificates.
Please visit the Developing EU Online website and check out the courses available: www.adultcourses.eu.