IPF International hosted a multiplier event, which took place on July 13th 2017 in our training centre. The 47 people who attended this event fell under the target group of adult learners, jobseekers, institutions, teachers and trainers who were all interested in discovering Escalade’s participatory courses. The multiplier event was aimed at introducing the new tools created throughout the Escalade project, which is aimed at giving adults the possibility to access high quality learning opportunities by advancing their basic new technology skills. A presentation was made of the Escalade Project, the multimedia guide and the PB Works Platform, to share and disseminate the intellectual outputs produced. We also presented the training course in Granada and shared the results implemented throughout the course. We found the participants showed more interested in the courses when they saw proof of the actual outcome.

The event has been a medium to present the project and its outcomes, to initiate a debate on new strategies and new curricula in training as a tool for improving adult education, to elaborate a cooperation plan for the further exploitation of the project outcomes. Dissemination material was handed out to the participants such as 50 flyers and 20 posters. Posters were given to the institutions to promote the online courses on their publicity boards.


Overall the multiplier event was a success. We received positive feedback and interest on our participatory courses and the participants are eager to see our finished website and platform to learn and advance new skills. The participants all confirmed that they shared the information with their close ones, so we hoped to have reached approximately 250 people through this event. 

A social lunch was organised for the participants to show our gratitude for their attendance and interest.

Flyer Dissemination Event +Promotional Spain