Perugia is a beautiful city perched up high and overviewing the beautiful valleys and hills of Umbria. The home city of Perugino, Rafael´s teacher, has many hidden treasures: jazz, art, chocolate, and now, a focus on digital innovation.

This is the city where the last meeting of the project Developing EU through online innovation took place, at Superficie 8 offices. As the project materials will soon be finalized, the meeting focused on planning the piloting phase during which the quality of the work will be tested by various students in Cyprus, Hungary, Latvia, Italy, Bulgaria and Spain.

We are looking forward to the finalized product and to our future students´ feedback! However, the warm welcome and press conference hosted by officials of the Perugia city hall can only confirm the quality of the work done thus far.

 The students´ suggestions will be discussed for the final improvement phase which is one of the most important parts for the success of our project. Hard work will be rewarded with the discovery of hidden treasures of the Balkans in Ruse, Bulgaria. Until then, the beauty of UNESCO world heritage sites such as the Madara Rider, Thracian Tomb of Sveshtarin or the town of Nesebar can only be imagined.

  After all, discovering new cultures, through travel, language, behaviors, poetry, art and food, is what makes our links stronger. It is what makes us understand each other better and absorb the teachings of inclusion; we hope to transmit them to our students, through our course as well as through our experiences, as a gift of further knowledge.