Jurmala is a small city in Latvia, which you can get to by taking a train from Riga. On the way from the beautiful capital to the Gulf of Riga, you can admire old traditional houses, each one with their guardian dog, dusty railway stations and pink blossomed trees dancing in the wind. You can feel the calm of the city long before arriving and the calm set the mood of the last partner meeting for the Escalade project.

In a beautiful setting, with the work almost entirely finished and just a few weeks before the end, we focused most of the time speaking about our multiplier events and how we will present our project to the world. The Escalade website will also be a great support to synthetize all the work that we have accomplished, and we will soon share the link with all our followers.

We are happy to announce that we have finished experimenting the course in all countries: Latvia, Spain, Italy, Poland and Greece and that the responses of the participants were touching. In Spain, we were thanked multiple times and our students manifested their will to participate in future courses. Our experts worked hard to produce materials of the highest quality and the smiles of our students confirmed, once again, that every effort was worth it.

The impact of our project is growing every day and as it is approaching its final dates, we are proud of the work we have accomplished, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Education is not only about learning and about an experience but also about how knowledge is a seed of confidence in any one of us. At IPF we will never stop planting these seeds, as they will always be the foundations of a beautiful world.