Summary of the Hungary Meeting – 19 th and 20 th of May 2016

Last week, the IPF team travelled to Hungary, one of the emerging countries of the European Union with a great educational outreach.

Together with the Vet to Job project partners, we attended a two day meeting in which the coordinator and key leaders of the project showed us the measures they use every day to achieve the main objective of the project: promote employment in each one of the sectors through the promotion of training courses and facilities.

We were able to learn more about their educational projects through training courses in the Hungarian Beckesaba region. It was mentioned on several occasions the effectiveness of one of its most promising projects: training courses for prisoners or people who cannot access them for being under house arrest.

It was probably the practice we would most like to use here because it’s a sector of the population that most need this help and probably one of the most numerous but unfortunately, one of the most forgotten.

From this we conclude the importance of social reintegration after a little rewarding experience of isolation, how important it is for people who have been locked up for a long time to encourage their knowledge and skills so they can carry out a normal life by getting a job, being able to study, accessing training courses, etc.

Along with a rewarding day listening to the explanations of the various coordinators of this project and enjoying the views, we could also elucidate on various aspects concerning the definitive project since this will end the 30 th of September.

There are many aspects that were closed at the meeting and a lot was learnt about the situation that crosses the country and especially the novel methods that are applied there.


From here, we also want to thank the Hungarian participants for the wonderful organization of the meeting and for showing us some of the most beautiful spots offered by the country.