This January, IPF had the pleasure of participating in the training course for trainers in Rome, Italy. This course was prepared by the Escalade team to prepare our teachers but also as a way of exchanging practical ideas and tweaking the little details which brought the project closer to perfection.

All of the teachers who attended this training were open to discuss their ideas and helped the team by learning how to edit PbWorks. They read and gave feedback on the courses which had been already uploaded on the platform, and also, created videos which will help the future students understand the material in a pleasant way. Together, we talked about how the material can be presented to future students in a dynamic way, how to prepare the experimental phase of our project and what can be done to improve. After all, most of our work can be looked at as a continuous learning process. We grow by learning, and learning should never stop.

We experienced a week filled with classes which ended little before dark, but in an inspiring environment of greatness, of gods and mortals who proved long before we existed even as ideas, that knowledge is a powerful tool if not the most powerful man can be gifted with. At night, in unknown hidden restaurants, charming Nonas received us as in their homes, with bright smiles and recipes which can truly be considered contemporary treasures. Oh Rome, what an inspiring and warm place; a place where exhaustion seems a play, where the excitement of the surroundings can never quench your thirst for more.

With our souls filled with romance we prepare now for our next learning adventure, which will take place in Latvia this June. Until then, we will have finished our experimental phase and wish you to remain inspired, to continue seeking knowledge and to have fun learning!