In September 2015 IPF International Consulting traveled to Larnaca in Cyprus to attend the fourth meeting of Vet2Job project. The meeting was mostly based on the methods and best practices of the host country, Cyprus.

We were able to visit various sites of interest, the Cypriot delegation facilities, and schools across the country and attended various events organized by the Government of Education in the country.


The meeting was held in Larnaca, Cyprus principal city and subsequently traveled to Nicosia, the capital, to visit various government buildings. We learnt a lot about the funding by the Cypriot government to these companies without any profit-making as well as improving the education systems in new ways that are allowing them to battle against youth employment and provide more educational opportunities to young people who want to study or simply in need.

The meeting was not only focused on work, but we also had time to enjoy the great historical tradition of the country, we learnt more about the clashes between the Greek and Turkish people as well as experienced the dances and typical gastronomy.

The Cypriot partners organized a journey through which we learnt everything about their culture and their country. It was definitely a great experience and a fruitful connection with the project.