IPF is working with other European partners in a project called PERCEPTION and we’re very excited about it and to host the other project partners here in Malaga in October!

The project, as we said, is called PERCEPTION (Participatory emergency in civil protection planning) and it involves countries like Italy, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Spain in its development.

PERCEPTION aims to create a profile for evaluators involved in post-emergency planning to improve preparedness and response. This profile is called EFEP (the Evaluator and Facilitator for Emergency Planning) and it will be performed by young individuals.

A person trained as an EFEP acts as a link between companies and public authorities, with a thorough knowledge of the application of disaster management plans and safety measures in companies/factories in risk areas. He or she will identify complementarities and synergies between the 2 levels (internal and external emergency planning/management) and facilitate their assessment and understanding through a participatory approach, which can support regeneration and reduce future disaster impacts.


So, we explained what the project was about to some of the students that were with us last month and some of them gave us their opinion:

“To me any organisation who tries to improve something is amazing, it can help a lot of people and it can be profit for others. A future can be given to young individuals and that’s something really positive and reassuring. If we can prevent more and more bad situations to happen, I believe it will be a good step to the right direction also to a better world”

“This is very useful in my opinion because with this information we can avoid deaths and react very quickly to something we don’t really think about. You are never safe from danger nowadays. A natural disaster can happen unexpectedly”

“My take on that project is that it is helpful because they can identify the situations so that no future disasters can occur, so they can save a lot of lives like this. It is therefore smart to have a plan so that you know what to do if there is danger”


It’s very nice to see the reaction these students had to the project and the positive opinions they had about it.

Nowadays it is very important to have people that are prepared and know how to react properly to these situations. We never know when a natural disaster can happen, and it is great what these workers do to help solve and prevent them.

Lastly, from IPF we would like to send our thoughts and our appreciation to the emergency workers fighting against the terrible fires and disasters that are happening right now in Spain and the rest of the world. We wish for all the animals, nature and people to be safe again. We would also like to send our condolences to the victims and to all the people that are suffering in any way.

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