Developing EU Through on line

Developing EU Through on line

Developing EU through online innovation is a recent project that has since begun in September 2015 but despite this we put much hope in it.

Although it is a relatively new project gradually taking substance and will develop throughout the European continent. With the cooperation of countries such as Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy and Latvia are going to develop a new form of online learning.

By creating an innovative learning platform free internet, we hope that those people, adults over 50 years across Europe learn new skills for a new profession and return to employment.

We need to be fully aware of the complexity of our current situation with regard to adults with ages of around 55 years, since we are one of the countries with the highest unemployment rate in this section. Many of these people do not have any study’s and began to work at a young age to get their families ahead.

All participating countries are aware of the obstacles these people have to face, the difficulty of the reintegration in the labor market when they have been fired or when the sector in which they worked in has disappeared gradually.

Therefore we work day by day to make this project succeed and aim to make it the beginning of a new learning system using 15 different training courses.