Iportal is one of the most successful projects we worked on throughout three years. Along with Poland, England, Bulgaria and Germany we worked on the project of a new online platform that allows users to learn any language without leaving home.

The level of language studies has increased in recent years but there are many young people and adults who need to learn new languages to open up possibilities for the labor market.
Through audiovisual presentations, theoretical explanations and even exercises and tests you can maintain direct contact with an online tutor who will be in your hand to guide and support the study of language.

By registering on the website of iportal you have the opportunity to have a native guardian of the language with which you can even make video calls and conversation practice through virtual classes.

Iportal has also created a game for which you can interact with people from around the world to practice the language you are learning. We believe it is the best way to learn languages while you can interact with people from all over the world and have fun playing and discovering new places.

Iportal is not exclusive, anyone can create an account and you can access it without restrictions because we know that learning is most important and when you have it at hand everything is easier to get new opportunities. Think no more!