Never too late for European Synergy project started three years ago as a cultural project of European countries with the aim of sharing culture among all.

What better way to exchange culture methods with typical poetry and literature of each country? Well, that was the main purpose of our project.

The idea of basing a project in poetry has been one of our most cultural projects throughout our more than 20 years of experience in developing projects.

The purpose of the project was to reach all countries with our poetic and literary culture through videos, essays, lectures, readings and multiple trips to teach everything you need to know about Spanish poetry and learning.

We know the importance that culture has and our intention through this project has been fundamentally to increase the knowledge of our literary culture not only international but also national character, encourage cessation of ignorance about the literary world that is so forgotten in the XXI century.

Through N2L84ES we managed to learn about writers from different countries, their form of expression, on what have been their concerns and even on their stories since we have been through these forms of expression read and understand more about each one of them.

“Poetry is the union of two words you never guessed that could come together and forming something of a mystery.”

Federico Garcia Lorca