Perception is an Erasmus+ project that aims to create a profile for evaluators involved in post-emergency planning to improve preparedness and response among authorities, local organisations and citizens. 

A large number of young people (aged 18-35) are currently involved in volunteering activities within the civil protection/humanitarian aid domain. However, it is difficult for them to transform this passion into a career. 

The aim of the project is to provide knowledge, skills and competences to these young people, having at least one volunteering experience in the relevant field of civil protection/humanitarian aid. In particular, the project will focus on a specific and innovative task extremely necessary in civil protection: assessing a crisis management at its conclusion. 

Why is this stage so important?

The post-emergency stage is often a recovery period and everything that happened in the “administration room” runs the risk of being forgotten, but we cannot allow this to happen. This means losing important data on what went well and what went wrong. This is a value that must be preserved and analysed: a post-emergency phase that must be integrated and become part of the civil protection planning process.