Last week, we celebrated in Malaga the second international meeting of the Project “Developing EU through online innovation”. We had the pleasure of being the country that took them the organization of this second meeting.

The meeting focused mainly on the development of new steps in our project. Each of the countries participating in the project presented it’s the first three chapters of their agendas the other participants to discuss them and improve or just giving personal opinions.


Moreover, many issues related to the development of this project were spoken, and about obligations and responsibilities of countries. The best way designed Advertising for our project so you can reach all stakeholders and the best design, by the Italian partners.

It was a very productive meeting in a unique environment and in our view has been very productive for the evolution of our project. The International meetings are the best way to evolve and make the project grow in the best way possible and can seat all participants around a meeting table

From here, we want to thank all contributors who have made possible the development of this second international meeting and all fellow participants for the interest which is position and for your great ideas.

The online education is growing!