On the 18 and 19 April, the Escalade project team gathered in the Greek capital on the occasion of the second international meeting of the project.

At the meeting, various issues were discussed to advance our idea. The experiment was based primarily on the provision of training courses based on common themes for adults over age 50 which require this knowledge.

The foundation of the project is: to ensure that adults who need to work or while working want to increase their chances of success, have access to free training courses that consist of two different parts: one that is based on education "face to face" ie in the education classrooms physically qualified staff and a second base is made so get online and create an educational collaboration and student interaction.

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The basis of our project was definitely sitting in this meeting and speaking on behalf of all participants can say that will go forward with the effort that is being put. Such projects give us hope and motivate us to move forward to today to employment of adults is a reality and that not all attention is focused only on youth because adults are also the future and the present.

Next to work, the Greek partners helped us to enjoy and to learn more the Greek capital and each of its corners full of charm and history.

Next November the third meeting will be held in Poland, we are willing to work and make the project a success and drive many more companies to collaborate and to become aware of the current situation.

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