The last meeting for EU Learning took place in Ruse, Bulgaria, on the banks of the
Danube River. A beautiful city where not only Neo-Baroque and Neo-Rococo
architecture can be admired in the old center but where one can take long walks in the
green parks adorned with fountains, monuments and sculptures. We met our partners
from Cyprus, Latvia, Turkey, Italy and Bulgaria in order to discuss the piloting stage of
our project.
The website is ready and during the next two weeks, internal piloting will take place, to
make sure that everything is up and running according to our objectives and ready to
be introduced to the students which will take part into the external piloting stage. The
purpose of this stage of the project is to make sure that when the courses prepared by
our team are available to everyone, they are flawless. The external piloting stage will
end during the month of March 2018.


All partners will respond to feedback accordingly
in order to improve or repair any issues that may arise during this stage and the most
exciting part of the project will then start. We will have press releases and events to
promote this beautiful sustaining educational tool which has been conceived as a free
education access to all who wish to continue growing and becoming better versions of