When does tourism return and how do you have to reinvent yourself to make it effective in the times of Covid19? In this article we give you some strategies that will help you grow, distinguish yourself from the competition and make customers choose you!

First of all, we must understand that tourism has changed and new trends have emerged, which we talked about another day in our article on trends. You can consult it on our website – IPF International. 

Then every company in the tourism sector needs to check if it is prepared for these changes that are appearing and will continue to appear. Here are some tips to help you attract tourists to buy or use your service:

  • Today’s tourist is much more exigent, he wants to have a personalised service and is concerned about the safety.That is exactly why the safety which the destination can offer to its client will be an important and valued factor for travellers. So you must take care of your business and show it to your customers, trust is what a company must generate to its potential customer.
  • The importance of sustainability and respect for the environment. Two factors that you must remember if you want your business to succeed. This value must be incorporated into the business, potential customers must see it and know what your company does to take care of our planet. 
  • We can’t lose contact once the customer leaves or our work with him is finished. Do you know why? Because it’s not! Generate empathy – that should be the goal of the company. Not to lose the customer, but to create expectations so that they want to come again and again or use our service again and again. 
  • Work with complaints. Any business should resolve complaints and in no case ignore them. The customer must be heard and know that the company cares about their opinion. Responding to negative comments on networks, different websites is an important job to gain the trust of your future customer. 
  • Be imaginative! This is a post-Covid tourism slogan. It is understood that not every business can provide online services, or can it? Think about it, because nowadays everything can be done through networks. And many examples from any sector prove it. 
  • Have your business “with soul”, transmit honesty. Today’s tourists know and see where they are being tricked. That is why the best advice is to tell the truth, show it and even talk about the problems that have arisen and give them the possibility to help.
  • And last but not least, as we have already mentioned, personalised service! You must know your customer, know what he likes and dislikes, where he comes from, what he likes to eat or if he has allergies. Yes, you must really know him and only then will you be able to offer a service that no one can refuse. 

So, now you know what you have to do with your business and the most important thing is to start! And don’t be afraid of changes because as we all know, everything can change in a day and not always for the better. That’s why you have to be prepared for different scenarios, that’s what it’s all about!

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