As it is well known, Spain is a touristically developed country. It ranks among the three most visited countries in the world, in the second place just after France. According to INE data, the contribution of tourism reached 154,487 million euros in 2019, which accounted for 12.4% of the GDP. The characteristic branches of tourism generated 2.72 million jobs, 12.9% of total employment.

In 2020 after the arrival of the pandemic, tourism has become the sector which has suffered the most. But in this article we do not want to talk about the negative impact of Covid19, at IPF International our work is related to tourism and now in 2021 we are still working and waiting for the opening of tourism which, by the way, is slowly recovering. 

Here we would like to talk about the trends that have emerged and also about Malaga – the city where a touristic activity plays a very important role. So, not to beat around the bush, here are a few trends that are expected when it comes to recover travelling: 


  • Short-haul tourism, one of the most important trends in 2021, which is explained by the lack of possibility to plan for the future;
  • Nomadic travelling: the rise of the “digital nomads” as teleworking is boosted.
  • Loyalty shifts – health, hygiene and safety are the new assets to gain customer trust.
  • Digitalisation – the rise of technology, especially contactless technology, awaits us.
  • Travelling with the impact – awareness of the impact of travel on the planet and local communities. Sustainability is the concept that will underpin all tourism activity in the coming years and beyond. 
  • The rise of luxury tourism. Tourism industry experts mention that customers will be willing to pay more for private services. It is highlighted that premium brands are recovering faster as well as everything related to the luxury segment. Unique and special travel experiences that can offer privacy and wellness are gaining popularity.
  • Ecotourism and rural tourism. In 2021, due to the gradual disappearance of mobility restrictions between regions, the tourism that will benefit most will be rural tourism and ecotourism. This option will emerge as soon as you can move from your area or region to other nearby regions. Therefore, you will engage in tourism activities close to your area, without being able to choose between more distant destination options. In other words, the two types of tourism that will be primarily accessible to tourists will be rural tourism and ecotourism. In addition to proximity, the most important reason for the growing popularity of ecotourism is the desire of tourists themselves to get away from crowded places, the desire to protect themselves and to be close to nature. In addition, people have started to think more about the impact of their activities on nature and our planet, which is also one of the reasons why rural tourism is growing. 


Now we would like to add a little about Malaga as our company – IPF International – is located in this city. The city of Malaga has been the best performing Spanish destination in recent years, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE). Specifically, the number of travellers accommodated has grown by more than 127% from 1.1 million travellers in 2015 to 1.4 million in 2019.


In 2019, Malaga city recorded, from a tourist point of view, its best year ever. It achieved better figures in terms of number of visitors, overnight stays, average stay and occupancy rate, and consolidated its position as one of Europe’s major tourist destinations.

With these figures, Malaga was preparing to be the European Capital of Smart Tourism in 2020, but this was cut short with the arrival of Covid-19. 


Malaga stands out for the possibility of offering everything from a historic centre to paradisiacal beaches and mountains. The cosmopolitan tourist is interested in urban tourism, gastronomy and shopping. In other words, the main motivation for the trip is to discover culture, art… in the city. They no longer only come to the Costa del Sol to enjoy the sun and beach, but focus on other segments. Among the activities that most tourists did in the city of Malaga, we can highlight – walking around the city, gastronomic activities and cultural visits. By the way, the cultural offer of Malaga is very diverse which is based on the great variety of museums among which we find the Picasso Museum Malaga, Carmen Thyssen Museum, Cathedral Museum and others. Besides the museums, which are 40 in one city alone, Malaga offers its visitors a great number of historical places, such as Roman Theatre, Gibralfaro Castle, Alcazaba of Malaga and also countless bars and restaurants. 


So everyone will be able to find activities in Malaga to suit their taste and we, IPF International, will be there to help you “live” Malaga.

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