Today we’d like to remember the meeting we had in Dudley (UK) with the partners from VET, an Erasmus+ project that intends to implement Virtual Reality (VR) in vocational schools so students can learn about innovation and R&D (things we’ve talked about in previous posts).

In the two-day meeting we met with the other project partners from Turkey, UK and Italy. And some others from Greece and Poland attended online via Zoom. In Dudley we had to opportunity to meet the other partners, solve some issues regarding the administration of the project and organize the next date for the TPM and deadlines for our work.

In Dudley, Matt from the local organization hosted us in the Black Country and Marches Institute of Technology. He organized everything and I think it was a very pleasant experience for all of us. Thank you, Matt.

The meeting lasted two days and while we were there, we had the opportunity to visit a school where students work with Virtual Reality Apps and they showed us all the things they were creating.

One of the days we also had an amazing experience where we got to try the googles and see the App that an organization had created to prevent delinquency in teenagers. It was a very real experience, and we were all surprised to see how immersive that was and how useful it could be for students. We could see that the App, that lasted around 10 minutes, provided the students with a very fun and realistic way of learning through interaction. I’m sure it was a very remarkable and unique experience for all of us.

In Dudley, we had the opportunity to see how these VR Apps work and the objective behind them, in order to feel more prepared and be able to create some other Apps ourselves to help and motivate VET students in learning.

We can say that this was a very productive trip to the UK and that now we all feel more ready to work on the second part of the project. We’ll keep you updated!

Thank you from IPF. See you in Poland!

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