V-PAL is one of the most recent projects we are working on, which started in September 2018. This project aims to develop an online professional network among language teachers in Europe, where they can share and respond to each other’s didactic training methodologies through videos.
The target group is the language teachers working in language centers across Europe. The project aims to develop an international professional network among them based on online Peer Practice.
V-PAL serves as a medium for the teachers to keep developing their teaching approaches in cooperation with their international colleagues.
Teaching is a very isolated profession; the language teachers often teach alone in their classes and rarely get the possibility to receive direct feedback from colleagues. The video-based Peer Practice enables the language teachers to exchange good practices, while also discuss the problems they face during the courses on an international arena, which opens up for greater inspiration and problem solving. V-PAL enlarges the frame of educational discussions among international colleagues, and as an online activity, the project offers an easy accessible and cheap solution for continuing their professional upskilling in a European environment. As such, the project wants to make competency-development a daily practice.  
This Project is ambitious and will serve an excellent purpose. IPF INTERNATIONAL is confident that over the two years the project will successfully reach its goals.