Last week IPF International Consulting attended the fifth International meeting in Leeds, UK. The British participants presented their Best Practices and thanks to them we were able to get a little closer to the actual situation of the city of Leeds.

At the meeting we got to know more about the situation of helplessness of some families and about important problems such as lack of motivation to find a job, lack of self confidence to return to start studying or even the importance of psychological preparation for finding a new job. With particular reference to young people who are forced to leave school or even do not begin to take the course because of various external factors, such as family, economic situations, disinformation, etc.

Along with this, i.Aspire explains provided us with information about the methods used to solve this problem.

We also had the opportunity to discuss the issues that directly affect the implementation and development of our project, which unfortunately is coming to an end (August 2016). It was a great experience to share views and ideas to apply in other countries and improve conditions for the most neglected sectors of the population.