Developing EU through online innovation is the latest project in which we are working since it began in September 2015. This is a project aimed at the development of online courses provided through e-learning platform.

The courses consist of different materials, and each country has a set task. The material will be translated into all the languages giving greater access to them. The courses will be bound and free of charge, besides facilitating the delivery of some campus classes that equip students for psychological support for better development of the skills required.

The courses are primarily aimed for students who are between the ages of 50-70 years and are unemployed.

The serious economic situation we are living around Europe has encouraged the European Union particularly interested in this type of courses that could mean for the future to obtain new opportunities by the sectors most in need and usually involve large family responsibilities and personal problems.

IPF is working to achieve these goals takes place all around our country and that most adults can access these new possibilities.

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