Aksaray in Turkey – January 2015

The partners came together for the fourth time in Turkey. The fourth meeting was held in the central part of Anatolia in the city of Aksaray. A great deal of progress and the first impressions of iPortal took place during the intensive workshop days.  

The first day of the meeting started with the introduction of Aksaray University and was dedicated for the progress of iPortal.

Members of partner’s edEUation covered some points such as the structure of iPortal, creating a course site, adapting site functions for specific needs, creating contents and etc… The partners had the opportunity to use and adjust iPortal for different language learning actions.

The second day was on creating assessments. Partners created different sets of tests, quizzes on a pre-determined subject. The tests and quizzes covered a range of examples starting from multiple choice questions to pronunciation activities. In the second part of the second day the session was mainly focused on project management and organizational issues.

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