Escalade is one of our most recent projects, started last September (2015).

In this project we collaborate with countries like Greece, Italy, Poland and Latvia and we have the cooperation of the European Union.

We confide in this project since its main objective is the reintegration of adults aged between 50 and 60 who are unemployed or who have little knowledge aiming to give them more opportunities.

From Escalade we know the importance of providing these training courses in each country because more people will get expertise on different subjects. But not only that, we trust our trainers and special training will also be given to them.

We know the importance of returning to study after so long so we want our trainers not only to teach but guide and become a support for the students.

This project is not just about training, but providing orientation and preparation courses, job interview preparation, psychological preparation courses, computer courses, writing resumes… all necessary for success in a new job.