Gdańsk, Poland

The sixth partner meeting was hosted by English Unlimited in Gdańsk, Poland.

During the three-day meeting the partners were able to finalize the teaching materials for the different languages including new dynamic exercises like

matching, filling the gaps and word reordering.

The partners evaluated the IPortal Island in Second Life and in cooperation with the developer decided to use more imagery in different locations as well as

audio files in the partner languages to welcome people on the island.


2015-09-14 10.42.24

The UK partner EdEUcation showed the partners videos of exemplar dialogues using different locations on the IPortal Island in Second life. They also

presented the text and video tutorials, which are now integrated into the platform.

The last day of the meeting was devoted to the exploitation and marketing of iPortal as well as management issues and the final reporting at the end of the


2015-09-14 14.31.21

“iPortal is interactive and allows multiple people to work together”

Feedback from participants after the training/ testing.

We were very grateful to our Polish partner, for the excellent organization of the meeting.

An important observation from the evaluation is the fact, that most of the teachers don’t have any or just little experience with online teaching platforms.

There-fore, the participants appreciated to get an insight into online language teaching and the variety of possibilities through the iPortal. Especially the

possibility to combine synchronous and asynchronous learning with the platform was rated very well.

Many participants are committed to use the iPortal for downloading and uploading of teaching materials, to support lessons to formal groups or to use it

for private online lessons.