This past 26 th and 27 th of June the IPF International Consulting team attended the Third International meeting of the project Developing EU Through Innovation Online.


The meeting consisted on mainly the presentation of the chapters, which we aregradually completing to create our future virtual course. Each of the participatingcountries presented their ideas and together decided which is best for the properdevelopment of the project.

Along with the presentation of the chapters it was confirmed the aspects concerningwhat will be our future website, its design, organization, languages etc. as well as all technical aspects that are necessary for proper development.

Thanks to the perfect organization by the host country, in this case the Cypriotpartners we could enjoy a fruitful relationship in which most of the issues concerning the coming months of the project were closed, besides enjoying gastronomy and the magnificent Cypriot culture.


It has been a great living experience and we look forward to the next meeting, which will be held in Budapest the following 24th and 25th of October.