We asked some of the Belgian students that were here last month at IPF what they thought were the main differences between Brussels and Málaga. And here’s some of the things they said:

  • “The climate here is very warm there are 300 days of a year of sunshine here and we in Belgium are here all the time with thick clothes on”
  • “Firstly: the shops, there is a big difference in the hour they close. In Belgium a shop usually closes at 6-7pm but here in Malaga the shops close very late around 9-10pm”
  • “In Belgium there are only a few fish restaurants and if you do find one, it is usually very expensive. In Malaga most of the restaurants are fresh and cheap fish restaurants. The taste is also a lot better, but it’s understandable because of the sea”
  • “The language differs, we speak French and Dutch here and in Malaga they only speak Spanish”
  • “The people are so chill and relaxed in Malaga. In Brussels there are more workers and pressure”
  • Old people. At the sea, at the swimming pool, in the restaurants and in the pubs everywhere you go you will find old people. They are a lot and are very nice. In Belgium there are only a few and they are mostly disrespectful”
  • “Brussels is in the center, so there is no sea. Malaga is located by the sea”
  • “Brussels has the best fries. They have delicious churros here in Malaga”
  • “In Belgium you find a lot of family cars and very few motorcycles. Here in Malaga I have the impression that there are more motorcycles than cars. Everywhere you go you will find two-wheelers, especially near the sea”
  • “We have dinner at 18:00. And in Malaga they have dinner at 21:00 or 22:00”

It’s very interesting to see the main things these students noticed and spotted as differences. Going abroad is always a good idea to experience and discover new cultures and ways of living. It makes us learn, it helps us open our minds and see that “our way“ is not always “the only way” to live, to think or to do things. Of course, everything depends and we can never stablish things as “official” because that would be creating a “cliché”! People are different and the fact that you come from a specific country does not determine how you are.

Hope you enjoyed this article and found it interesting!

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