Vet 2 job

Vet 2 job

Vet to Job began just over a year and is one of the most promising projects in which we are working on. Hand in hand with countries such as Cyprus, Finland, Hungary and Austria aim to implement and facilitate education for those who need it.

In the project we have established a system of practices through which we provide young students or young people who just need a chance in the labor market to acquire new skills and new capabilities that allow them to enter the labor market.

The overall situation in Europe of young people below 25 years is not positive, some of them being very young decided not to continue the studies and over the years need to go back to school to have more chance in getting a good job; others simply could not study due to personal situations or other reasons that go beyond the mere will, etc.

We believe that giving the opportunity to provide new training and opportunities and working with different companies, will help to incorporate youngsters into the labor market.

Our main goal is to correct this situation by offering partnerships with new companies and new sponsors, working with government agencies and especially providing these practices with other countries to solve the situation of each of the participants.