Did you know that at IPF International we create all the possibilities for students to come to Malaga? And if you are a student, this article is for you!

Although it is now more difficult to travel and the situation caused by Covid19 is very complicated, it doesn’t mean that you can’t if you are a student who wants to come to Malaga to study Spanish or do a course, and we can help you with this! Starting with the necessary documentation and ending with the creation of the programme of activities we take care of it! If you are lost and don’t know where to study, where to live, which neighbourhood to choose, which courses to sign up for… we are here to solve your doubts. 

Malaga is a beautiful city for students which, by the way, is developing more and more language tourism. The most important thing for foreign students is that Malaga is one of the most reasonably priced destinations in Europe. Many of its beautifully restored monuments and world-class museums offer student discounts and free visits during the week, and there are restaurants in the city that will serve you free tapas with your drink. Best of all, it’s completely free to take a good book and a towel to the beach, and sunbathe and swim to your heart’s content. In other words, the city is prepared so that any student can spend his/her best days here, enjoying new friendships, climate, gastronomy, etc. And the sea… Can you imagine taking your notes and going to the beach to study? Well, in Malaga you can do it every day of the year. 

The student atmosphere here is very relaxed, but the students are ambitious. There are many thematic clubs, such as language clubs, cycling clubs or hiking clubs for example, where you can join and get to know a lot of people. By the way, you can also travel and make the time here worthwhile by getting to know other cities in Andalusia. Granada, Seville, Cordoba – they are all nearby and why not spend a weekend there? Also when there are discounts for students. 

In short, why come to study in Malaga? 

  • Malaga offers a wealth of culture in the form of history, art and architecture. But, uniquely, Malaga allows students to combine culture and language immersion with sunny beaches, reasonably priced gastronomy and a vibrant nightlife.

So if you are interested in getting a unique experience and living in Spain, we at IPF International can help you with all the organisation of your trip – you don’t need to worry about anything, we take care of everything! All you have to do is pack a suitcase and start your new adventure with a smile on your face.

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