The use of new technologies has become an essential activity in our lives. Most of us cannot imagine a day without using our mobile phones. Besides being useful in our work or studies, they are a fundamental part of our personal lives. Chatting with friends, social networks, posting photos and receiving news, we can do all this and much more thanks to new technologies. 

Now, thinking about the tourism sector, we want to talk about how the tourist has changed in recent years. Do you think that companies really know travellers? What are tourists like nowadays? Do you know him or is the “digital traveller” concept far from you? And if so, we advise you to read our article.

Look, for example, where do you search when you want to book a hotel? Or when you are looking for a place to eat in a new city? The answer is on the Internet, right? Well, that’s the digital traveller. This is a person who at some point in their travel booking process uses digital channels, whether it’s booking a hotel, buying airline tickets or checking out the bars at their travel destination. 

And it is clear that businesses in the tourism sector must know this digital traveller in order to be able to offer them services they expect to have, win them over and make them our customer. We at IPF International are located in Malaga, a very touristic city and we see how tourists change from year to year. And even more so now, when the tourism sector is going through difficult times. After being so long without travelling, we are different.

Here we share with you the 5 most important trends of the digital traveller that you should know if you have a tourism business:

  1. Emotions. This is a tourist who wants to “live” the experience. It is not enough to just offer a service, you must turn it into something personalised for your client.
  2. Social media, we can’t live without them. Although it seems to be clear that any company should have advanced social media, in the end it turns out that not everyone sees the importance they have for the business. New tourists will get to know you, your service or your company through social networks. And only when they see you, they will be able to decide whether they find it interesting or not. And if you are not present there, you do not exist for these travellers. 
  3. This tourist is more demanding. Digital travellers are more knowledgeable and know exactly what they want to get when planning their trip. That’s why, as we mentioned before, the ideal trip for today’s tourists is an experience they can share with their friends on social media. It’s a personalised treatment that you can give them – they want to be unique to you!
  4. Take care of your customers. Good opinions on the internet is the best publicity you can have. Through the networks you will be able to generate more trust from users to your business. They should feel important to you and be part of your company. 
  5. Technologies are changing day by day. Companies must adapt to the new consumer who is always online from different devices. We must also take care of the data we have on new customers. Now what remains is to be able to take advantage of it. 

And how do you think your company is prepared to conquer the digital traveller? Or are you missing something?

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